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Created by John Lucifer Jones
16 levels
Last updated June 8, 2004


Download JohnLJ1.dat from Yahoo group

Level Solvability List

LevelSolvable in MSSolvable in Lynx
1. Letter By Letter YesUndetermined
2. Dizzy YesUndetermined
3. Sectional YesUndetermined
4. Capture the Flag YesUndetermined
5. Minotaur YesUndetermined
6. I Once Was Blind YesUndetermined
7. But Now I See YesUndetermined
8. Heisenberg UndeterminedUndetermined
9. Frazzle! UndeterminedUndetermined
10. Like That Cat with the Tape on its Paws YesYes
11. Quantum Mechanic UndeterminedUndetermined
12. Brown Block Boogie YesUndetermined
13. The Grid YesUndetermined
14. Shoots and Ladders UndeterminedUndetermined
15. Lasik YesUndetermined
16. Mr. Otis Regrets UndeterminedUndetermined