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Created by Craig Vilbig, James Spriggs
26 levels
Last updated May 14, 2010

Additional Notes

"The Life of Dezmond". This set comes between CCTLFC3 and CCTLFC4 in the "Last Few Chips" series of sets.


Download CCTLFCS2.CCL from Craig Vilbig's website

Level Solvability List

LevelSolvable in MSSolvable in Lynx
1. BIRTHUndeterminedUndetermined
2. GROWING UPUndeterminedUndetermined
3. PAID IN FULLUndeterminedUndetermined
4. SHIFT III: A CAUCUS-RACE AND A LONG TALEUndeterminedUndetermined
5. AMATERIAUndeterminedUndetermined
6. RELIGIONUndeterminedUndetermined
7. EMOTIONSUndeterminedUndetermined
8. HEART ATTACKUndeterminedUndetermined
9. INTERNETUndeterminedUndetermined
10. CHIPUndeterminedUndetermined
11. WINDOWSILL TEARSUndeterminedUndetermined
12. MINIPUZZLEUndeterminedUndetermined
13. DEZMOND'S ICE PUZZLEUndeterminedUndetermined
14. SPURUndeterminedUndetermined
15. DEZMOND'S EXPERIMENTUndeterminedUndetermined
16. DOMESTICATIONUndeterminedUndetermined
17. PALPITATIONUndeterminedUndetermined
18. OUTWARDSUndeterminedUndetermined
19. TETRATHONUndeterminedUndetermined
20. THE PLANUndeterminedUndetermined
21. DEZMOND'S WORKSHOPUndeterminedUndetermined
22. CREATIONUndeterminedUndetermined
23. REMORSEUndeterminedUndetermined
24. SALVATIONUndeterminedUndetermined
25. DEATH OF DEZMONDUndeterminedUndetermined
26. DEATHAURAUndeterminedUndetermined