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Created by Andrew (bjmcrae77)
19 levels
Last updated July 29, 2006


Download Andrew2.ccl from Yahoo group

Level Solvability List

LevelSolvable in MSSolvable in Lynx
1. Welcome to Andrew2UndeterminedUndetermined
2. A Small And Compact, But Tough Little Level IIUndeterminedUndetermined
3. Keys, Doors, & More Keys & DoorsUndeterminedUndetermined
4. Random HopeUndeterminedUndetermined
5. Invisible Make Your ChoiceUndeterminedUndetermined
6. Black HoleUndeterminedUndetermined
7. Find the ExitUndeterminedUndetermined
8. What The...UndeterminedUndetermined
9. One in a Million ChancesUndeterminedUndetermined
10. Writer's Block IIUndeterminedUndetermined
11. Wait-o-maticUndeterminedUndetermined
12. Run-o-maticUndeterminedUndetermined
13. Glider Thunder IVUndeterminedUndetermined
14. Glider Thunder VUndeterminedUndetermined
15. Play Ball!UndeterminedUndetermined
16. Centrifugal ForceUndeterminedUndetermined
17. Block-o-maticUndeterminedUndetermined
18. Key-and-door-o-maticUndeterminedUndetermined
19. Victory ParadeUndeterminedUndetermined