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About the Score Editor

The Score Editor is a feature that allows for rearranging, deleting, and adding levels in an INI score file. This comes in very handy if someone rearranges levels in their set, and people have already achieved scores in the old version.

How to use it - First, select the INI score file you are getting scores from (the default folder is C:\WINDOWS, since this is where most score files are). Then type the name of the level set (DAT, CCL, or CCF) that the scores are stored under (if this is your original CHIPS.DAT or another INI file that has only one set of scores in it, you might have to type "Chip's Challenge" here). Then click Get Info, and now you can start editing!

Here is a screenshot of the Score Editor:

Insert Before - insert a level before the selected level
Insert After - insert a level after the selected level
Move Up - switch a level with the previous level
Move Down - switch a level with the next level
Delete Entry - remove a level, and move all other levels up one
Delete Score - remove a level's score, but keep the level itself
Change Time - change a level's seconds left
Change Password - change a level's password

When you make changes, the level numbers and scores will automatically adjust themselves.

Clicking Save will add the modifications to the file you inputted the original scores from, and delete the old version of the scores you inputted. It shouldn't make any changes to scores for other level sets within the same INI score file.
Clicking Save As will bring up a dialog box for a new location to save to. It will save just the scores you inputted, not any other scores from the original file.