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About Chip's Controls

ChipPlay was a great program that enabled you to play multiple Chip's Challenge level sets without messing up your scores. Now, that program is nowhere to be found. Chip's Controls is almost exactly the same thing, plus more. Here are its features: Chip's Controls requires Windows 95 or higher, and requires the Visual Basic 6 runtime files and the COMDLG32 control. Most computers already have these. If you have trouble running Chip's Controls, download the Chip's Controls setup package which will install the VB runtime and the COMDLG32 control.

Here is a screenshot of this window:

How to play level sets

  1. Open Chip's Controls.
  2. Select the folder where your level sets are stored.
  3. Complete one of the following two steps:
  4. Enter the fake and real last levels that you want the ending sequence to appear on.
  5. If you want to save scores to a file other that "chpctrl.ini", enter it in the INI text box. Otherwise, leave it blank.
  6. Double-click on a level set from the file list, or click Play Selected File from the Play menu.
  7. Play! From now on, all you need to do is open Chip's Controls and select the set you want to play.