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Welcome to the new home of Chip's Challenge AVIs — animated solutions to Chip's Challenge levels! AVIs in bold show the best time for that level. To the right of each AVI is the initials of who created it. If an AVI link has (odd) in it, that means the solution uses odd step. Otherwise, use even step (or if the level doesn't have teeth or blobs, it won't matter anyway). If you don't know what odd and even step are, read more at the CC Wiki.

A new notation has been added recently — AVIs in italics are the "best" AVIs available for that level. This means out of the AVIs available for that level, this one is the clearest, easiest to follow, and/or fastest (even if only by a fraction of a second). Some levels will have multiple AVIs in italics, usually meaning that there is an alternate (sometimes easier but slower) route available.

Thanks to Anders Kaseorg for the old AVI site, where I got many of the CC1 and CCLP2 AVIs, as well as the list of AVI creators' initials and the level titles for CC1 and CCLP2. Also thanks to Andrew Bennett for helping me determine which AVIs use odd step. And of course a big thanks to the creators of these AVIs!

You will find AVIs for:

Additionally, all of these AVIs have been uploaded to YouTube if you would prefer to watch them there instead of downloading. Usually there is only one AVI per level, but in some cases there is more than one if the routes are different enough.

Note that CCLP3 and CCLP1 do not have AVIs for every level; this is mainly due to being newer sets, and many players are now using Tile World to play instead of the "original" Chip's Challenge, and it is more difficult to make AVIs for Tile World. However, Tile World does produce TWS solutions files, and there is a public TWS at pie guy's site with the best solutions available for all CC1, CCLP2, CCLP3, adn CCLP1 levels (some solutions may also be faster than the AVIs).

Site updated February 9, 2015 — click here for the list of updates

To record your own AVIs, get ChipCap, by Anders Kaseorg. To open the AVIs, you will need a .zip program (most computers have one), and a video player such as Windows Media Player.

AVI creators' initials

AB: Andrew Bennett
AG: Andrew Gapic
AK: Anders Kaseorg
AV: Alice Voith
BH: Ben Hornlitz
BR: Brian Raiter
BW: Brandy Whipkey
CC: CCExplore
DB: Dale Bryan
DT: Drew Thomas
ED: Evan Dummit
ES: Eric Schmidt
FJ: Finn Jepsen
GD: Gavin Duncan
HF: Hallgeir Flø
JA: James Anderson
JH: Jeanne Hoffman
JL: John Lewis
JV: Jimmy Vermeer
LJ: Larry Jackson
LL: Luc Longpré
ML: Mike L
MP: Maybelle Poole
MT: Miika Toukola
PG: David "pie guy" Stolp
PJ: Paul Jackson
PL: Pekka Lassila
PM: Peter Marks
RF: Ryan Feenstra
RJ: Reynaldi Judianto
RS: Ruben Spaans
SS: Shmuel Siegel
TL: Tom Li
TO: Tom Sabbe
TR: Tom Rowe
TS: Tyler Sontag
WA: Warwick Anderson

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